Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Are any marriages ever safe in Hollywood?

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Are any marriages safe in general?

My gay friend always smiles at men who are straight.  I tell him that they are straight and that he has no chance.  To this retort he casually responds, "I assume they are gay until proven otherwise." 

Now this struck me as a rather opportunistic way of dating.  I never advise dating anyone who is married, in a relationship or just out of  a long term relationship.  These types are the taboo of the dating world.  However, some people don't seem to have any problem racing after those who are not actually on the market.  My friend's dismissive behaviour toward straight men, gave me food for thought.

I began to think maybe Hollywood celebrity couples probably encounter a similar dilemma more than most of us.  For over a decade Johnny Depp was all loved up with Vanessa Paradis  

So what happened?  The answer may lie in the constant bombardment of good-looking people around them.  Goes to say, too much of one thing is sometimes not a good thing.

Yet, one must not forget that - you can take a horse to water, but you can't make them drink!

According to the Daily Mail, at 50, Johnny Depp is supposedly engaged to 27 year old,  Amber Heard.  I am sure if this relationship ends there would other women lining up to take her place.

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